In a surprising move, the PS5 Slim’s price has been cut for the first time in European countries. Sony has reduced the price by €75, making the console available for €474.99, down from its original €549.99. This special offer is for a limited period.

While Sony has not made an official announcement in Europe, the news of the discount was leaked by a reliable insider, billable-kun. Following their report, the discounted prices appeared at several retailers such as GameStop and Amazon.

The possibility of this discount being offered in other regions remains uncertain. As of now, the price drop is not available in North America.

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Sony is on a mission with the PS5, which is currently outselling its competitor, the Xbox Series X|S, by a 2-to-1 margin. Although Microsoft has not released sales figures, it’s estimated that around 77 million ninth-generation consoles have been sold, with the PS5 accounting for over 50 million of those sales.

Sony confirmed reaching the 50 million sales milestone in early December 2023, just before the holiday season, supporting the 2-to-1 sales ratio claim.

This price drop comes at a strategic time, potentially boosting PS5 Slim sales further ahead of Valentine’s Day, as Sony continues to lead in the console market.