Sony’s new president, Hiroki Totoki, has announced plans to release more first-party titles on platforms beyond the PlayStation 5, including PCs. This strategy aims to boost revenue with each game launch.

Totoki, who will take over from Jim Ryan, believes that while first-party titles have traditionally aimed to popularize the PlayStation console, there’s significant potential in expanding these games to other platforms like PCs. This move is expected to enhance Sony’s revenue streams and is part of a broader effort to improve business operations within the company.

During his first four months at Sony, Totoki has been actively involved in management meetings and studio visits to better understand the business. He emphasized the importance of leadership and had numerous discussions with the management team to optimize business practices.

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Despite recognizing the high motivation and creativity within Sony’s studios, Totoki pointed out that there are areas for improvement, particularly in financial management and development planning.

Totoki’s approach includes a transparent explanation of the company’s situation to ensure everyone is aligned with the goals for future growth. He is committed to dialoguing with his team to find the best path forward, aiming to aggressively improve profit margins by expanding first-party titles to multiple platforms.

This strategic shift marks a significant change in Sony’s approach to game distribution, potentially leading to a more diverse and financially robust future for the company’s gaming division.

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