Stagbreaker: Valheim Crafting Guide

valheim stagbreaker guide

One of the more unique weapons in Valheim allows for great AOE damage and is available to craft early on.

What is Stagbreaker?

Stagbreaker is a unique club weapon available for players to craft in Valheim.

Stagbreaker is a slow, two-handed club-based weapon with decent damage in the early game, with the damage output becoming less useful as you progress in the game.

valheim stagbreaker guide

This unique club does a massive AOE (area of effect) damage circle when you attack with it. The damage it puts out isn’t the greatest, especially as you progress in Valheim, but its usefulness lies in the area of damage that it puts out, as well as the knockback effect that enemies experience.

Any enemies around the player will be hurt by Stagbreaker’s attacks, and they will also be pushed back. This makes Stagbreaker especially useful for clearing out crypts and groups of more basic mobs.

Stagbreaker starts at quality 1 with 100 durability, 20 blunt damage, and 50 parry force. Players are able to upgrade Stagbreaker to a total of quality 4, which requires a level 5 workbench, with the blunt damage being raised to its maximum of 38, with a parry force of 80, and 250 total durability.

This is a club to craft early on, and it is still useful for AOE clearing areas even as players progress through Valheim.

How to Craft Stagbreaker

Materials Required20 Core Wood
5 Deer Trophy
2 Leather Scraps
5 Core Wood
2 Deer Trophies
1 Leather Scrap
10 Bone Fragments
10 Core Wood
4 Deer Trophies
2 Leather Scraps
20 Bone Fragments
15 Core Wood
6 Deer Trophies
3 Leather Scraps
30 Bone Fragments
Workbench Level Required2345
Blunt Damage20263238
Parry Force50607080

Stagbreaker is relatively easy to craft, and it will be added to the crafting menu as soon as players pick up their first piece of core wood. Players will also need to be sure they have at least a level 2 workbench before crafting the club.

Core wood is easily found in the Black Forest biomes from cutting down pine trees. Players should be sure to make plenty of inventory space, as a good amount is required to both craft and upgrade Stagbreaker.

Aside from that, deer trophies are required, and players will want to farm a good amount of these as well for both crafting and upgrading the club. These are easy enough to come by through sneaking in fields and tree lines while using a bow to kill deer.

Will you be crafting Stagbreaker, and do you think it’s a good weapon? Let us know in comments below.

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