Super Lava Hound Challenge Completion Guide

super lava hound clash royale

The Super Lava Hound is here with more firepower in its limited-time game mode in Clash Royale. This new update brings a lot of exciting gameplay, new strategies, and rewards to unlock.

This article will look at what this new card does, how to win with the challenge, and what kinds of rewards you can get from completing the challenge.

What is the Super Lava Hound Challenge?

The challenge is a limited-time game challenge unlocked with the game pass, allowing you to compete with other players to win using the Super Lava Hound card.

This potent card is only available during this game mode, provided to you by the game, and won’t be seen after the challenge concludes on February 13th.

What Does the Super Lava Hound Card Do?

super lava hound card clash royale

The Super Lava Hound is a powerful tank with a high amount of health and damage. When it is destroyed, it will break into two regular Hounds, and after another defeat, they will break into four Lava Pups.

How Do You Win the Super Lava Hound Challenge?

super lava hound challenge

One of the most direct ways to win the challenge is to center the rest of your deck around supporting the Super Lava Hound.

Cards such as the Skeleton, Bats, and Elixir Collector are good supportive cards to base a strategy around cycling your Hound continuously.

It is also effective against cards such as the Dark Goblin and the Executioner and can damage the Flying Machine.

Opposing cards such as the Inferno Tower give some trouble to Super Lava Hounds, so you will want to be careful of this card when choosing your strategy.

The more Hounds you can bring to the board, the more you will be able to dominate, push your opponent on the defensive, and destroy towers.

What Do You Get from Beating the Challenge?

If you gain a winning record in this mode, you will win free rewards from the challenge, such as many coins and a wild card. If you happen to lose three times, you will have your rewards streak reset, but you can reset those losses and try the challenge again.

Wrapping Up

This update brings a lot of exciting gameplay with its ability to tank many other cards and make for an exciting challenge until the mode ends on February 13th.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about the challenge or how to play, please leave us a comment below.

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