Among Us

How to Download Among Us Evil Bully Mod

among us evil bully mod

A unique reversal of the typical imposter mod, the Among Us Evil Bully mod transforms the imposter into the target.

The Evil Bully mod changes the gameplay up quite a bit. In this mod, the imposter will spawn as the Nerd,, and all other crewmates will spawn as a Bully. The Bullies focus on, well, bullying the Nerd while the Nerd attempts to complete tasks throughout the map and escape school. If the Nerd successfully completes all the tasks, they are able to escape school and win the match.

Among Us God Impostor Mod: How to Download?

among us god mode mod

The God Imposter mod adds a handful of new abilities for the imposter to take out crew members, unfortunately, you’ll have to join a modded lobby to play it.

The four new abilities, in no particular order, are Water, Shock, Wind, and Burn. All of which are pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll jump into them anyway.

Among Us Spy Mod: How to Download?

among us spy mod

The Spy role mod is currently not publicly available for download, but you’ll want to check out all the opportunities it creates below for when it is.

The Spy role mod allows players to track player vitals, access security, and access admin from anywhere on the map.