Happymod Among Us Hack – Is It Safe?

These mods sound fun right? However it is not safe to download these modded files from Happymod!

The mods don’t work and will most likely give you a virus or hack into your personal information!

Among Us Proximity Chat Mod: How To Download

All players in a lobby who are running the mod can speak to each other over voice chat when they are close.

The only major difference is that crewmates & impostors can all voice chat with each other when they are in range!

Freeze Tag! – Among Us Freeze Tag Mode

This looks like one of the most fun mods to come out of Among Us so far. Sadly the freeze tag mod is not available to the public.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we haven’t been able to locate this mod yet. So far it is only a special mod made by Socksfor1 or one of his YouTuber friends.

Zombie Mode – Among Us Mod (Easy Android Install)

Looking for a way to play the Among Us zombie mod / mode with your friends? Maybe you read our original, longer zombie mode tutorial here.

In this updated article we’ll show you how to jump right in with this easy install from Skeld.net for Android players.

Among Us Zombie Mode: Skeld.net Mods

This Among Us mod is different from others. After installing, you can play multiple different modded game types right inside of the Among Us app.

Follow the steps in the video below to play this modded game type (Android & PC).


There are a lot of fun mods and games to play in Among Us, but one of the most popular mods and game modes is Tiny Hide & Seek.

In order to play this game mode, you will first need to download and install the Tiny Crewmates mod.

Hello Kitty Theme: Among Us Hello Kitty Mod

All of the tasks within the game are converted to Hello Kitty themed tasks and the ship is highly detailed with Hello Kitty themed paintings and artwork.

If you are using the mod, only you can see the Hello Kitty modifications – meaning other users won’t be affected by you using the mod.

The Outer Worlds Mods: Top 5 Game Alterations

The game’s long-term success has been largely due to an overwhelming amount of support from its online community in the form of mods.

Eris Loris: Among Us Hacker

If you have been having trouble playing Among Us within the last 24 hours, you are not alone. An anonymous hacker by the name of Eris Loris has taken over the game.

Top 5 Among Us Mods & Hacks

The most notorious of all of the mods in Among Us is the 100-player mod. This mod allows you to have games with up to 100 players in them.