Wacky Wizards: All Pets Potions List

Wacky Wizards is a game in Roblox where you can make various potions. In the newest update you are able to make potions that spawn pets!

In this article we will show you every single pet, and what exactly you need to spawn them.

All Ingredients List & Locations Wacky Wizards

If you are looking for a list of all the ingredients in Wacky Wizards then you’ve come to the right place!

This list will also include the locations for ingredients as well as ingredients needed for the Witch’s quests.

How to Get New Pet Tags Ingredient Wacky Wizards

This week Wacky Wizards added a brand new pets update. This update introduced a new ingredient called the “Pet Tags” which allow you to make new pet potions. We’ll show you how to get a pet below!

To get pets in Wacky Wizards on Roblox you will need to get the new free Pet Amulet ingredient.

How to Make the Giant Centipede Potion in Wacky Wizards

To make the giant centipede potion you will need the pool noodle, the spider and the giant potion. This potion turns you into a giant long centipede!

Follow the guide below to learn how to become a giant centipede in Wacky Wizards!

How to Make Bouncy Ball Potion in Wacky Wizards

The bouncy potion allows you to bounce around inside of a clear ball in Wacky Wizards. To craft the bouncy potion you will need dynamite, a giraffes’ hoof & the beans.

The bouncy potion is a fun potion in Wacky Wizards that lets you jump & roll around the Wacky Wizards map inside of a transparent ball.

How to Make Boombox Radio Potion in Wacky Wizards

In order to craft the Boombox potion will need the hat of gears and Zeus’ Beard, which are both premium ingredients. The boombox is capable of playing songs in game that other people can hear! How to Craft the Boombox…

How to Get Justin Rock Ingredient Wacky Wizards

In this short guide we’ll show you how to find & unlock the all new Justin rock ingredient that came with the latest Wacky Wizards update! Find out the hidden location below.

The Justin rock ingredient is a new ingredient in Wacky Wizards which creates a potion that transforms you into Lanky Box!

How to Make the Spiderman Potion in Wacky Wizards

The Spiderman potion is a brand new potion that you can make with the latest update in Wacky Wizards on Roblox. This potion lets you sling web & fly around the map like Spiderman!

The Spiderman potion can be made using the spider + you in the cauldron. To add yourself to the cauldron you must shrink yourself with the death shrink potion.

How to Get Gems in Wacky Wizards on Roblox

Gems are a new currency added to Wacky Wizards that are obtained by purchasing them from the store for Robux or by turning the cyclops eye into the wizard.

You can now get gems in Wacky Wizards by defeating the hourly boss or purchasing them with Robux.

How to Get the Boxing Gloves in Wacky Wizards

This Wacky Wednesday there was a brand new update for Wacky Wizards that introduced the boxing gloves ingredient! In this guide we’ll cover everything you to know about the new gloves.

To get the boxing gloves in Wacky Wizards you must complete the new witch quest located next to the beancano / volcano area.