Tech World Pet Simulator X: How to Get to the Tech Area

tech world pet simulator x

Are you a new player and need to know how to level up and make your way to Tech World in Pet Sim X? In this article we go step by step to showing you everything you need to know to get there!

How to Get to the Tech World in Pet Sim X

The Tech World is the third world in Pet Simulator X and costs 7.5b Fantasy Coins to unlock. They tease you by showing you the door early, but you have to work hard to return & open it!

If you’re a beginner in Pet Simulator X getting to Tech World may seem very far away. Leveling up and making your way through each area isn’t very quick or easy, but you can follow these steps to get there as fast as possible!

Starting as a Beginner

spawn world starter pet simulator x

When it’s your first time in game you will start off in Spawn World with one starter pet! Your starter pet won’t have much damage at all, but you won’t need much to start out.

Start by breaking coin coin piles, presents, crates, and chests. You’ll eventually make your way to getting a new pet with a higher damage.

hatch starter eggs pet sim x

After you’ve gotten a couple of pets with higher damage, you’ll be able to save up enough coins to get to the next area!

Saving Coins and Leveling Up

The best way to start earning coins fast and leveling up is to try and trade pets! If you can manage to find someone willing to trade you a higher damage pet for a lower damage pet, you’ll make your way to each area a lot faster.

trading in pet simulator x

If you can’t trade with someone it is still very possible to make your way up, it’ll just take some grinding! All you can really do is continue to save up coins, hatch new pets, and repeat.

You can of course always buy different boosts to help you along the way too! Triple Coin Boosts, Triple Damage Boosts and Lucky Boosts will definitely help you out. Keep in mind that these do cost Robux though!

boosts in pet sim x

Getting to Tech World

Once you’ve managed to get through all of Spawn World, Fantasy World and have saved up 7.5 Billion Fantasy Coins, you’re ready to unlock Tech World.

pet simulator x tech world entrance

When you’re ready to unlock the world, just head over to the Glacier area in Spawn World where the Tech World entrance is located. Just click E to buy the world and you can get started grinding in Tech City!

tech city tech world pet sim x

Wrapping Up

That is everything you need to know to level up and make your way to Tech World! Have you made it to Tech World yet? Which area is your favorite?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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