The Rake Remastered Roblox Gameplay Guide

roblox the rake remastered

The Rake is a classic horror game that recently received a fresh update, making the Rake smarter, more challenging to defeat, and making every aspect of the game more terrifying than before.

This guide will show you how to survive your first couple of nights with The Rake, along with pro tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

What is The Rake Remastered on Roblox?

The Rake is a horror-style game where players must survive the night and find ways to keep the Rake at bay, a monster that lurks in the forest throughout the night, stalking players to hunt and destroy.

The Rake Remastered Gameplay Strategies

roblox the rake remastered

Here are some tips for surviving the night in your first couple of playthroughs:

  1. You will always spawn in a randomized location when you first spawn in.
  2. Turn your volume up. That way, you can be aware of your surroundings and telltale sounds to keep yourself safe.
  3. Listen for the power station, which sounds like electric static, and head towards it as soon as possible. It will be an important location for you for most of the game.
  4. Be sparing with how much power is used throughout the game, as if too much is used, the power station will deactivate and require someone to go out and manually reactivate it.
  5. Facing the power station (also known as ‘power’), turn right by 90 degrees, and you’ll be facing in the direction of the safe house. Head in that direction until you reach a small house.
  6. When moving around the map, avoid using light as much as possible. Typically, you can see well enough without light, and light is one of the biggest attractors to the Rake.

What are the Most Important Locations in The Rake?

Five locations are the most important when you are first starting:

  • First, the safehouse helps players obtain the radio, which allows you to communicate with the rest of the players around the map.
  • The cave is where the Rake respawns when night comes, so it is better to avoid this area when night first starts.
  • The power station is helpful as you can restore power here if the power breaks. Most items in the game won’t work without power, making this area important.
  • The shop helps players buy items that make defeating the Rake easier, plus some game pass items.
  • The base camp is used to obtain the coordinates of the flare gun, which, when fired up in the sky, calls in a supply drop that offers helpful items not typically found at the shop.

What are Some Extra Tips on Surviving in The Rake?

Here are a few pro tips on surviving your first night:

  1. There are two weapons in the game – the stun stick and the UV lamp. These tools can be used to ‘kill’ the Rake, which makes the night end faster, and can also be used to activate ‘blood hour’.
  2. Every time you survive a night, you gain 100 or so points, which players can use in the shop for items.
  3. Walk as much as possible without wasting your stamina. The more stamina you have on hand, the easier it is to escape the Rake if it comes for you.
  4. Avoid wasting energy, such as for lights and doors. If the power runs out, it becomes impossible to use anything with power, such as the lights, doors, or your watch.
  5. The hole in the roof of the safe house is the Rake’s way of getting in. It will break halfway and then break fully. Once it breaks entirely, you must flee the safehouse as the Rake will be inside.

Wrapping Up

The Rake’s new update has a lot of the community excited over the updated mechanics and heightened difficulty and intensity, making The Rake an exciting game to try surviving the night with the Rake and your friends. Be sure to save your stamina and avoid using too much light to increase your chances of survival.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on how to survive The Rake, please leave a comment below.

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