The Xbox Series X Fridge Is Real & We Need It

xbox series x fridge

Microsoft Embraces Meme Culture

Microsoft has finally embraced meme culture and developed a real, working xbox series x fridge.

The memes first emerged back in December of 2019 when the series x was revealed. The internet immediately photoshopped the dank meme & the xbox fridge was born.

This work of Art circulated the internet early this year. If the product existed back then, the hype would have been insane.

xbox series x fridge

Snoop Dogg was was the first to get his hands on this beauty. He showed the console cooler off on Instagram.

Filled with various Xbox bling, he even had a series x console chillin in the fridge.

While they’re about a year late in launching the xbox fridge, it’s still pretty sick they they went through with it.

We doubt it will actually come to retail markets to be purchased by the masses, but we can only hope.

Who wouldn’t want to grab a few cold boys out of this massive piece of Xbox memorabilia.

Capitalism at it’s finest.

iJustine on YouTube was also one of few to get her hands on one. She posted a lengthy unboxing video on her Youtube channel today.

Watch her massive unboxing video below.

If this actually came to market, the price tag will probably be pretty steep. At least too steep for my pockets that is.

Are you a hardcore enough gamer to pour some cash out for the series x fridge?

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