among us tiny hide and seek

Tiny Hide and Seek in Among Us

There are a lot of fun mods and games to play in Among Us, but one of the most popular mods and game modes is Tiny Hide & Seek.

In order to play this game mode, you will first need to download and install the Tiny Crewmates mod.

This mod essentially converts all of the characters in the game to tiny versions of themselves.

This is incredibly useful while playing hide and seek because it is less obvious to see where the players are on the map when they are tiny.

How to get the Tiny Crewmates mod

This video tutorial by Risp on YouTube is fast and easy.

In order to get the mod on your mobile device (Android only), you need to download the following files.

Once the files are downloaded you will need to open them with your package installer. Then install the files into the Among Us app.

Once these steps are completed you can open up Among Us and the Tiny Crewmates mod should be active.

If you are having trouble installing this mod, uninstall and repeat the steps from the beginning.

If you have successfully installed the mod, your in-game character will look something like this:

among us tiny hide and seek

How to Play Tiny Hide & Seek

Once everybody in your game lobby has downloaded and installed the tiny mod for Among Us, you are ready to play Tiny Hide & Seek.

Tiny Hide & Seek is just like normal Hide and Seek, except everyone is tiny.

This game type is not an official game mode, so everyone in your lobby will have to agree to play.

Before you start the game, you need to apply the appropriate settings.

The custom settings can differ from game to game, but should always include a very low impostor vision, short kill distance and visual task turned off.

For a full list of all of the recommended custom settings for Tiny Hide and Seek check out the image below.

Once the proper settings are applied, you are ready to start the game.

Rules & Gameplay

To start things off you need to reveal who the impostors are.

Once you have determined who the impostors are, you will need to skip the vote and the game will begin.

At this moment all of the crewmates will scatter and go hide somewhere on the ship.

The hunters (impostors) will begin searching the ship for crewmates that are hiding.

When the hunters (impostors) find a crewmate, they kill them and continue searching for other crewmates.

It is important that no bodies are reported by any of the crewmates.

The crewmates will want to continue completing tasks while simultaneously hiding from the hunters (impostors).

This game will continue until either the crewmates or the hunters (impostors) win the game.

How Do You Determine a Winner?

The crewmates will win the game by either completing all of their tasks or by surviving for a predetermined amount of time (like 5,6, or 8 minutes). 

Everyone will be tiny which will make it even more fun and harder for the hunters to find the crewmates.

Keep in mind that the settings on this game mode are entirely flexible and feel free to play around with the settings and see which game is the most fun.

You can do things like add an additional hunter (impostor) or change the length of time it takes for the crewmates to win the game.

Play around with the settings and have fun!

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