Among Us Cake Designs: Top 10 Birthday Ideas

among us birthday cakes

Among Us continues to be one of the top games of the year, and with an appealing art style appropriate for all ages, it’s not surprising fans of the game have used that as inspiration for some creative cakes.

Here are some of the best Among Us themed cakes from around the web!

“I Run Out of o2 When I See You”

This is a cake that a Reddit user’s wife prepared for his 36th birthday with a nice pun on the o2 task. (u/Teltorne)

Mini Crewmate Strawberry Cake

Here is a cake that a Reddit user’s girlfriend made for his birthday. I personally like the touch with the strawberry as a body and the inclusion of the mini crewmate pet


“There is a Birthday Boy Among Us”

“There is a 1 birthday boy among us” This was a birthday cake baked by a group of friends for Reddit user u/Cpt-Hendrix

among us cake

Emergency Meeting

Twitter user @heyit_sfaith posted a photo of their very detailed cousin’s Among Us themed cake featuring the emergency meeting button and one of the kill animations. 

among us cake

Spooky Decapitation of Red

Here is a spooky Halloween themed confection that Twitter user @MeterNicole created for the holiday.

among us cake

Tasty Mini Crewmate

The mini crew mates are one of the most popular pets in the game and u/GUNGUNM4N made a cute confection based on the in game pet. Who’s going to want to cut into that cake!

among us cake

Another Tasty Emergency Meeting

Here is a very nice cake Reddit user u/savvygee13 made for his brother’s birthday.

There is a Birthday Girl Among Us

Another detailed birthday cake posted by Twitter user @zahraabharooch3 made for her by her mother.

among us cake

A Sweet Pair of Sus Friends

Twitter user @EmilyBelandres1 posted a photo of not just one but two delicious looking Among Us themed fondant cakes.

among us cake

Who Done It?

Here is a very cute birthday cake reddit user u/Sinly_x7YT and their mom made. Who killed green, Red or Blue?

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