Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm this week. Reporting over 20 million downloads since its launch on September 28th.

Here are 10 facts you may not have known about Genshin Impact. For players old and new.

#10 – The Homescreen changes based on your local time

Credit: u/mw0t on reddit

Maybe you have already noticed, or maybe not. Depending on your local time, the home screen and theme both change to reflect the time of day! Pretty cool.

There are 4 different times.

  • Dawn
  • Morning
  • Day / Evening
  • Night

#9 – You Can Walk on Water With Chonyung

Discovered by u/SomebodyzBeast on Reddit. There are so many unique & cool discoveries coming out of the game every day.

#8 – You Can Go Fishing With Lisa’s Lightning Attacks

While nothing groundbreaking, it’s a fun little mechanic that can be quite useful in the game.

Apparently this is also possible with the ice based characters in the game.

Video credit: u/thevirionz on Reddit

#7 – Fire Abyss Mages are Helpless in the Rain!

Credit: u/Tyraniccus on Reddit

This may seem like a pretty obvious feature, but it’s helpful to know nonetheless. You guessed it, fire abyss mages are also weak to water characters.

They are still able to generate their shields, but the rain will quickly deplete them.

#6 – Farm Eggs & Matsutakes by Beating Up Flowers

Credit: u/Bronkaitis on Reddit

This will most likely be patched quickly as it is technically bug abuse. However if you need a few extra resources, here is a method you can use.

#5 – Run Up Large NPCs to Perform Plunge Attacks

Credit: u/ZrGlitch08 on Reddit

There is currently a debate over wether or not this is a feature or a bug. Diluc is pictured landing the attack in this video.

However, according to the Reddit community, it seems other characters can land these attacks as well. Inlcuding Jean, Beidou & Ninguang.

#4 – There Are a TON of Hidden Achievements

We’ve known about some of the hidden achievements since day 1 of the game. Since that time a bunch more have been discovered, with new one popping up every day.

These achievements do not show in game until you complete. Hence why they are “hidden”.

#3 – You Can Regenerate Stamina by Swimming Near Walls

Credit: u/FlabbyToes on Reddit

After some research, this does not only work when swimming near walls. It seems to be a glitch / flaw with dive attacking mid-air. Looks like a bug / flaw that made it through testing.

Mostly funny, partly useful.

#2 – The Game Made $100M In The First 2 Weeks

As if we didn’t all know how popular this game is, this number puts it into perspective. The developers recouped the cost of creating the game in just 2 weeks.

Despite mixed reviews, the game looks like it is on track to do 1B in sales. Insane.

#1 – There Is A Special Reward You Get On Your Birthday

Even though the game has been out for less than a month, some users have discovered a special in-game birthday reward.

Looking to get the reward even if your birthday is far away? The method is pretty simple. Just click the pencil icon and set your birthday to today’s date.

The player will receive an item called “Cake for Traveler”. Eating the cakes gives the plater resin.

Bonus – The Game Has a Ton of Censoring

Users online have been unhappy with the fact that the Chinese owned game censors a ton of different words & phrases. Words like “Hong-Kong” and “Taiwan” are not allowed.

Nothing new here and honestly pretty expected. That doesn’t make it any less messed up or acceptable, but it is what it is.

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