Top 5 Among Us Mods & Hacks

among us hacks

Among Us has been one of the hottest games to be released this year and with it has come a ton of community support.

This community support has created a number of different mods and hacks for the game to add to the experience.

Below are some of the top Among Us mods and hacks.

Among Us 100 Player Mod

The most notorious of all of the mods in Among Us is the 100-player mod. This mod allows you to have games with up to 100 players in them.

This is 10x the normal max player count of 10 and opens up the game a lot.  Expect these games to be very hectic and somewhat over the top.

This mod is exclusively for PC and if you are curious to learn more about this mod, check out our recent post about how to play a 100 player game in Among Us.

Always Impostor

If you have played Among Us, you realize how important it is to be the Impostor.

The Impostor is the one member of the crew who can sabotage the ship, can sneak through vents, deceive, frame others, and kill off other crew members.

Many players want to be the impostor every game and this mod gives you the ability to do that.

Turn on this mod and you will be the impostor in every game you join. Enjoy wreaking havoc!

Randomized Player Colors

If you are a true gamer, you realize that looks do matter.

Showing off your new colors to your other crewmates is not just a fashion statement, but a statement that you are a player who knows what he/she is doing.

With this fun mod, you can turn on random colors for your character. This means your characters icon will quickly change through all of the colors creating a rainbow-like character image.

This creates a really cool aesthetic effect and is definitely worth turning on in-game. Have fun with this mod standing out from the rest of your crewmates!

Always Know Who the Impostor Is  

Spoiler alert – this mod is a major spoiler for the game.

The entire point of the game in Among Us is to figure out who the Impostor is before the Impostor wins the game.

With this mod, you will know exactly who the impostor is during the game. With this knowledge, it will then be your goal to get the rest of the crewmates to vote the right person as the Impostor.

This mod makes for some really fun chats between crewmates because you will know who The Imposter is the entire time.

For some this takes the fun out of the game, but for others it adds to the experience. Try it out and see for yourself!

Always See Ghost

This mod can be extremely helpful. By turning on this mod you are given the ability to always see ghost on the ship.

This mod can help piece together who The Impostor is and get more information about the crew.

You will have more visibility into all crew members and if you are The Impostor, you will have an advantage over the crew.

Play around with this mod and see if your gameplay improves.

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