Top 5 Cutest Minecraft Plushies

5 cutest minecraft plushies

Minecraft plushies are all the rage these days! New characters & animals are always being added to the Minecraft world. That means more plushies for you to own & love! Take at look at 5 of the cutest Minecraft plushies currently available on the market.

Top 5 Cutest Minecraft Plushies

If you are an avid Minecrafter you’ll recognize all of these super cute plushies that are currently available on the market.

Minecraft Bee Plush

The Minecraft Bee is one of the cutest little creatures that exists throughout the Minecraft world. Just like a normal honey bee, he does his job producing honey for the citizens of your Minecraft world. He is cute, cuddly & ready to be your friend!

minecraft bee plush

Minecraft Enderman Plush

The Enderman is one of the most mysterious creatures that roams the plains & valleys of Minecraft. He has odd-worldly powers that can make you teleport & fear for your life! While you may want to stay away from him in the real game, an Enderman plushy is nothing to be afraid of.

minecraft enderman plush

Minecraft Fox Plush

The Minecraft fox is cute & cunning. While you can’t actually tame a fox to call your own in Minecraft, you can pick up the next best thing, a plushie! The fox plushie is just as cute as the real thing minus the hassle. A perfect addition to your Minecraft plushie collection.

minecraft fox plush

Minecraft Ender Dragon Plush

The Ender Dragon is an all-powerful dragon who rules the ender world in Minecraft. He roams the skies in search of his next prey. While potentially scary in the game, you can tame this beast by converting him to plushie form! The Ender Dragon is totally cool & make a great addition to any Minecraft plushie collection.

minecraft ender dragon plush

Minecraft Pig Plush

We all know pics are cute yet messy bundles of love. Pigs are free roamers in the Minecraft world who mind their business & cause no harm. You can ride on them with a saddle or farm them for food. Either way you’ll love this perfect replication plushie of the ever so adorable Minecraft pig!

minecraft pig plush

Wrapping Up

These are the top 5 cutest Minecraft plushies that are currently on the market. We hope you found this short guide helpful enough to decide on your next plushie purchase!

Please feel free to drop us a comment below & let us know what your favorite Minecraft plushie is!

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