Trading Disabled in Pet Simulator X

trading disabled pet simulator x

Players have been reporting that trading has been disabled in Pet Simulator X. We’ll go over all of the details behind the change & when we can expect trading to return to the game!

Trading Has Been Temporarily Disabled

Late last night on Nov 25th, 2021 players began to make Tweets & post videos on YouTube reporting that trading on Pet Simulator X has been temporarily disabled. News started to spread after messages began to appear when attempting to make a trade with any player.

Currently when attempting to make a trade on Pet Sim X you will be shown a message stating that trading is currently disabled. Preston, the developer, did not provide any additional information as to when trading will be back.

The alert says that it will be back “soon” but no on really knows exactly how long that will be. Hopefully it doesn’t last more than a day or two. Not being able to trade really makes an impact on the playability of the game & affects the player experience.

Why Was Trading Disabled?

The game’s developer Big Games stated in a Tweet that there was a targeted trading exploit that was affecting many games on the Roblox platform & not just Pet Sim X alone.

They are currently working with Roblox on this issue as they attempt to fix & cleanup any damage that the exploiters have caused.

The only way to help control some of the damage is to halt trading so that the bug abusers can’t sell or trade off their pets to other people & gain an unfair advantage.

Some players guessed that it was due to a new duplication glitch that some YouTubers leaked to their subscribers but this turned out not to be the case.

Thankfully the development team at Big Games was on top of the problem & took emergency efforts to help fight & fix that bugs that some players were abusing.

When Will Trading Be Back?

There is no date or time listed for when trading will return. There will most likely be a Tweet or another in-game message alerting us to when trading has been restored.

Make sure to check back frequently as we will post an update when you can now trade again in Pet Sim X.

Wrapping Up

That’s all we know currently about the current state of trading on Pet Simulator X.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any comments, questions or concerns!

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