Among Us Unblocked – Is It a Scam or Legit?

among us unblocked scam

Among Us Unblocked – Don’t Download!!

Trying to play Among Us on your computer at school or work? Among Us Unblocked is supposedly a website that lets you download the game for free.

Unfortunately this website is just spam or even a potential scam to steal your information.

among us unblocked scam

It also looks like a YouTuber named Marshy is in on the scam. When you click the link on the Among Us unblocked website, it takes you to “SubToUnlock”.

You must “like” and “subscribe” to his channel in order to unlock the game.

among us unblocked scam sub to unlock
among us unblocked scam marshy youtube

This is clearly spam and just a way to grow his channel.

Please don’t download any files from the Among Us unblocked website.

There is no way to play or download Among Us for free on any computer or phone.

There is also no way to play Among Us in the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers either.

The website is simply preying on younger & uninformed gamers who hope to get in on the Among Us craze.

It’s a Spam or Scam attack

You should never download files from the internet from sources you don’t trust. Especially from websites who are offering paid games for free.

The Among Us unblocked website is very simple, and even looks like a scam. If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Among Us is a ton of fun and it’s unfortunate that some gamers can’t afford to hop in and play with their friends.

We can understand why gamers around the world would want to download the game for free. At this time it’s just not possible to play without buying a copy of the game.

Delete All of The Files

If you have already downloaded the mysterious files from the Among Us unblocked website, you should delete them immediately.

Here is the name of the files / what they look like.

among us unblocked scam

They are potentially harmful to your computer.

We have not downloaded and tested the files ourself, and we suggest you don’t even give it a try.

We are trying to do our part by letting the community know that this is not a safe way to play Among Us.

Please use caution and stay safe out there gamers!

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