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Roblox Pressure Washer Simulator is one of the latest popular games on Roblox. The latest update adds in the Bank zone to clean as well as a rebirth option. In this guide we will discuss how to get to the bank as well as what rebirth mode is.

Unlock All Zones Pressure Wash Simulator

Pressure Washer Simulator takes place across 11 different zones. Each zone being different and unique to the others.

The first zone you unlock will be the parking lot. As of writing this article the final and most recent zone added was the bank.

The way you progress through the zones is by cleaning out a percentage of the dirt in the previous zone. Once you have 100% completion in that zone you will be eligible to walk into the new zone.

pressure wash simulator roblox bank zone

You can check your progress in a zone by looking at the top of your screen in the middle.

There it will display the percentage you have cleaned as well as what zone you need to complete in order to advance to the next one.

If you are a returning player you can always take the portals in spawn to get to the zone you’re cleaning much faster than walking.

pressure wash simulator roblox teleporter

The teleporters are found in the spawn to the right of the walkway towards the parking lot. Here you can see which zones you have unlocked and the ones you don’t will be greyed out.

Buying the Zones With Robux

If you don’t feel like cleaning all the zones you can always unlock the zones manually by purchasing them. Here is how you purchase a zone with Robux.

  1. Go to the zone you are currently cleaning.
  2. Walk towards the end of the zone where the next zone would begin. Here you will see a sign that displays the zones name as well as the text “clean the previous zone to unlock”
  3. Beneath that text there will also be a green button that says “Buy for R$.” Clicking this will bring up an option to purchase the zone for 299 Robux.

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Cleaning the zones manually is a tedious task but you can immediately see the work you put in by how clean the zones become.

Here we will discuss some tips you can use while cleaning so you can clean faster and get more cash.

Cleaning objects works in segments. You can tell when a segment is completely clean because it will glow yellow for a moment and cash will be deposited.

In order to complete a segment you have to clean a large portion of the dirt off it but not 100% of it.

For this reason we recommend cleaning around the edges then filling in what you missed. Once the segment turns yellow any dirt that’s left attached will be gone as well.

An important tip that works for all nozzle types is not to stand too close to what you are spraying.

The closer you stand the more direct your nozzle will be leading to a smaller area, if you stand back a little bit the nozzle will be able to cover a larger area making the process faster.

You should also be mindful of the type of nozzle you are using. When you start out you will be using flat nozzles.

With these make sure to position yourself so that the water from the nozzle will impact directly to the surface you are cleaning.

Do not stand parallel to the object because this results in less effective area being cleaned.

Make sure you are purchasing and using upgrades.

power wash simulator roblox

For a guide on them check out our article here. Better guns will clean faster since there is more water pressure and different nozzles can be used for different surfaces and areas.

You may want to use a flat nozzle on a certain object and a circular nozzle on another; however, in most cases the circular nozzles will be better because it can cover a wider area.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide helps you in progressing through the zones of Power Washing Simulator.

If you have any questions are comments be sure to leave them down below!

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