Valheim Mining Guide: How to Mine in Valheim

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Valheim is a new, early access title that is taking the survival-crafting genre by storm.

Here a look at all you’ll need to know regarding mining, and how it can help you on your journey.

What is Mining in Valheim?

Mining is the act of gathering ore to smelt into metal bars for crafting.

In Valheim, you need to kill the first boss in order to craft the Antler Pickaxe (also covered in the video below). Don’t worry, this doesn’t take too long, and the boss is not too difficult to take down. Bring a friend, if you can, to make things even easier.

Once you have a pickaxe, you are able to mine for ore from mining nodes.

How Do I Use Ore?

Ore is meant to be used at a smelter, which is a structure you can build once you have acquired 20 stone, 5 Sertling Cores, and a workbench.

Sertling cores can be most easily found randomly within dungeons throughout the map.

Once your smelter is set up, you can freely smelt your harvested ore.

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Where Do I Find Ore?

There are various types of ore to be mined, and they will be outlined below.

Copper and tin are found within the Black Forest.

Tin is typically located around waters sources within the Black Forest. It will appear as shiny nodes on the ground.

Copper are large deposits found on the ground around the Black Forest. Due to the way they are modeled, they can easily be mistaken for rocks or uneven terrain, so look carefully.

What Do I Use Ore For?

Once ore is smelted, it becomes a bar. These bars are what are used in crafting recipes.

Once you have the bars, you can begin experimenting with crafting items like more harvesting tools, weapons, and even armor.

For a more in-depth look at this process, check out FireSpark81’s video below.

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