Volcano Island Update: Pet Fighters Simulator

pet fighters simulator roblox volcano update

Pet Fighters Simulator is a brand new pet based simulator game created by popular YouTuber Russo Plays. In this guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about the first update in Pet Fighters simulator called the Volcano Island update!

Brand New Volcano Island Area

With this brand new update comes an entirely new area to fight & train in called the Volcano Island. This is the latest area to be added in the game which comes after you beat the Electrifying Alley area.

To begin exploring the new volcano area you must unlock the door located in Electrifying Alley for 350k coins. You will have to save up a lot because this is the most expensive area to unlock so far!

When you enter the area you will be greeted by professor Cyan in a short cutscene. He will tell you about the new area & the new features & pets that have been added in the update.

New Pet Fighters

pet fighters simulator roblox volcano update

There are a total of 11 new pets in the volcano update! Inside of the new Volcano Capsule there are 7 new pets that you can unlock as well as 4 new “unique” pets that were added in the new “Grassy Robux Capsule“.

The Grassy Robux Capsule inside of the started area is a new capsule that costs 199 Robux to spin. Each pet in this capsule is super cool & looks different from the rest.

They are considered unique which is a different class of fighter pets than the rest. There is a chance that they will be super rare when trading is added.

New Journal Pages

pet fighters simulator journal pages

There is also a new journal system that has been added with this update. When you enter the area you will be given a journal by professor Cyan that will go to your “Key Items” section of your inventory.

You can now find glowing blue pages hidden around the map in all areas & they will fill up your journal when you collect them. Each page has some information or a story about the lore of Pet Fighters Simulator.

If you complete the quest for Jess to find all of the pages you will be rewarded with some coins.

New Magma King Boss

pet fighters simulator roblox magma king boss

There was also a new boss added in the Volcano area called the Magma King. He is the strongest boss in the game so far & has a total of 3M health points.

If your team is not super powerful then you will have to train some more before you defeat him.

The max level in this update has been increased to 75, so your pets will most likely need to be around this level in order to defeat him quickly.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know to get caught up to speed on the brand new Volcano Island update inside of Pet Fighters Simulator! We hope you found this guide helpful.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns. Happy fighting!!

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