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Wacky Wizards is a popular Roblox game mainly developed by Jandel & Foryxe. The game was released to the public on May 30th, 2021. The game quickly gathered attention & has since attracted over 250m+ visits since that time.

There is an update every Wednesday. This is usually referred to as Wacky Wednesday by the devs & players in the community.



General Gameplay

The main objective of the game is to combine various ingredients together in your cauldron in order to create useful & wacky potion concoctions. Every potion has its own effect associated with it. These effects can be increased by stacking ingredients & potions together.

The Brewing Book

The brewing book is where you will see all of the information about what you currently have in your cauldron & what kind of potion with be created if you brew those ingredients. You can drain ingredients from your cauldron using the option on the Brewing Book.

You can also click on any ingredient or potion currently displayed in the Brewing Book in order to remove it from the recipe that you are currently working on.

The Potion Book

The Potion Book is where you will find every potion in the game that is possible to unlock. Potions that you have already discovered will display their names & potions that you still need to find will be labeled with “???” next to their potion number.

You can save custom potions & recipes in your potion book. This is helpful if you want to access a cool or important potion that’s hard to make or that you don’t want to forget about.

You can buy more slots in your Potion Book with Robux. This allows you to save more than the seven potions that you can save by default.


In order to begin creating potions in Wacky Wizards you will need to take various ingredients from your ingredients table & combine them in the cauldron. Many of the ingredients are free & you start with them by default.

In order to unlock more ingredients you will need to find hidden around the map, complete quests, or buy them with Robux. Any ingredients that you need to buy with Robux are called premium ingredients. You won’t be able to make every potion in the Potion Book without buying them.

Weekly Updates

Wacky Wizards receives an update every Wednesday which is referred to as Wacky Wednesday within the community. These updates usually range from adding new ingredients for new potions or new quests to unlock new ingredients.

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