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Bouncy Ball Potion

How do you make the Bouncy Ball Potion?

This potion is made by using Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite + Beans in the cauldron. This potion doesn’t have any stackable effects.

What does the Bouncy Ball Potion do?

This is one of two potions in the game that will transform your avatar into a clear colored ball & let you move around the map inside of it. The other potion that puts you inside of a ball is the Rolling Potion.

This potion might be the most fun to use in Wacky Wizards. It lets you bouncy around all over the map & is a quick way to transport yourself.

Other than for fun, this potion by itself doesn’t have any uses in the actual game.

Whats spell number is the Bouncy Ball Potion?

This Potion is spell number #69 in the potions book.



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