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Cleetus Potion

How do you make the Cleetus Potion?

This potion is made using Cleetus’ Hat in the cauldron. This is a special ingredient. Adding multiple to the cauldron won’t do anything extra.

What does the Cleetus Potion do?

This potion turns you into Cleetus when you drink it. Cleetus is a reference to a character in an old (and long dead) Roblox game. He was a main character in at least two past different games.

This potion is strictly for vanity & doesn’t offer any technical uses other than for looks.

As usual you can combine this potion with other potions to make hundreds of Cleetus based concoctions.

Whats spell number is the Cleetus Potion?

This Potion is spell number #16 in the potions book.



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