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Floating Potion

How do you make the Floating Potion?

This potion is made by using the Fish in the cauldron. You can add multiple fish to the cauldron, but we don’t think it adds any extra effect the more you use.

What does the Floating Potion do?

Drinking this potion gives you the ability to swim & fly at the same time. It essentially allows your character to swim around in the air. It is one of the simplest flying potions.

This potion is super useful for reaching hard to reach areas on the map such as the Bird, Lava Flower & Jellyfish.

Remember that this potion won’t work in the beancano area where you get the beans. No flying potions are allowed to be used in the beans quest area.

Whats spell number is the Floating Potion?

This Potion is spell number #6 in the potions book.



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