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Giant Potion

How do you make the Giant Potion?

This potion is made by using the Giant’s Ear in the cauldron. If you add multiple ears to the cauldron it will increase the growth effects.

What does the Giant Potion do?

When you use this potion it will instantly cause you to start growing at a rapid rate. If you use a lot of Giant’s Ears in a single potion you can make yourself grow so huge that you glitch on the map.

This potion is used as a tool to complete many quests. The Glinda quest with the giant key requires you to use this potion. It is also used to make the spoon grow bigger for the beancano quest to reach the beans ingredient.

If you mix this potion with other potions you can create some crazy sized concoctions that take over or break the map.

Whats spell number is the Giant Potion?

This Potion is spell number #11 in the potions book.



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