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Robux Potion

How do you make the Robux Potion?

This potion is made by using Robux in the cauldron. This potion doesn’t have any stackable effects.

What does the Robux Potion do?

At first you might not notice any effects after drinking this potion. If you click though you will see that this potion makes you throw Robux at people. It’s basically a Roblox strip club.

You can’t pick up any of the money that is thrown though. It just disappears into the ground after a few seconds.

There aren’t any real uses for this potion, it’s just a funny one to use while playing with friends. Throwing Robux on people is always fun.

Whats spell number is the Robux Potion?

This Potion is spell number #71 in the potions book.



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