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Squirting Potion

How do you make the Squirting Potion?

The Squirting Potion is made by using the Rotten Sandwich in the cauldron. You can increase the amount of poo that you squirt out by using multiple sandwiches at once.

What does the Squirting Potion do?

Drinking this potion will make your character squirt poop out every few seconds. Your character makes farting sounds & poop balls will roll around the map.

This is a fun potion that is mostly used for joking around in the game or with your friends. Use multiple sandwiches in your potion to shoot out a lot of poop at once.

As usual, this potion can be combined with hundreds of other potions to make your own poop filled concoctions.

Whats spell number is the Squirting Potion?

This potion is spell number #2 in the potions book.



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