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Where is the Marvin NPC?

Marvin can be spawned in at the Book of NPC’s. The book of NPC’s can be found by the large tree on the map. A Marvin NPC can also be found in the tube behind Foryxe.

What does Marvin do?

Marvin is an NPC that will follow you around. You can give Marvin your potions and he will drink them. He is basically a test dummy for your potions.

When you use certain potions on him he will say different voice lines depending on what is happening to him.

To re-spawn Marvin you will have to kill him with one of the many deadly potions that you can create. This is currently the only way to get a new test dummy.

When was Marvin Introduced?

Marvin was introduced in the NPC update on August 4th, 2021



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