What Do Goats Eat in Minecraft?

what do goats eat in minecraft

Wondering what do goats eat in Minecraft? The mobs like wheat. Hold it to make the goats follow you.

Here is everything that we know at the moment about this new mob that is part of the Minecraft 1.17 update.

Where Can You Find Goats & How to Breed Them?

Gamers can find the goats on cliffs and surfaces at a light level 7 or higher. You are most likely to find the guys during the daytime.

Domesticated goats live on farms (new naturally occurring structures).

Bonus: the lucky ones can find screaming goats which make up only 2% of all goats. They make unique yelling sounds and ram a bit more often.

Goats can jump up to 10 blocks high, have 5 full hearts, and may attack for about 7 damage. They can ram into you, but won’t attack if you hit them. 

To tame the animal, approach one while sneaking and then feed it five wheat. The goat will either like you or attack you (it’s random).

A goat will follow the player that is holding wheat (you have to be within 10 blocks). The mob will enter love mode as soon as you feed it, in such a case, a female and male will make a baby.

Tip: accelerate the growth rate of a baby by 10% by feeding it.

What Are the Uses & Benefits of Goats?

minecraft goat milk
  • Usually, goats protect you by targeting enemies. But overall, it’s a neutral mob.
  • The males drop a goat horn when they ram into solid blocks (only 2 times per goat). You can use the new item to make a cool noise. Gamers can get 1-3 horns if they kill the goat, and up to 7 upon successful breeding.
  • A killed goat will also drop up to 3 pieces of Chevon (new meat) and, sometimes, a piece of leather. Bear in mind that babies don’t drop anything.
  • The goats are a source of milk. Use a bucket to milk the mob.

What do goats eat in Minecraft? You now know the answer to this and plenty of other goat-related questions.

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