What Do Hoppers Do in Minecraft?

minecraft hoppers tutorial

Hoppers are a type of block in Minecraft that can accept items that are dropped into it & automatically deposit items into chests & other storage.

How Do You Craft a Hopper?

Crafting a hopper in Minecraft is simple & only takes a few materials that shouldn’t be too hard to acquire. Follow the crafting recipe in the image below to craft a Hopper.

You will need five Steel Ingots & a regular Chest.

minecraft hopper crafting recipe

What Is a Hopper Used For?

Hoppers are mostly used in automated builds such as farming resources like ores, seeds, food items & more.

Hoppers have three main functions that they operate with. A collection ability, a pulling function & a pushing function.

  • Collecting – Hoppers are capable of sucking in & collecting free floating items into its inventory from the space above it.
  • Pulling – Hoppers will pull one single item at a time from a container above it into its own inventory.
  • Pushing – Hoppers will push one single item at a time from its own inventory into a container that it is facing.

There are an unlimited amount of ways to include Hoppers in your builds, so we won’t be covering every single one in this guide.

However there are some popular uses that many players utilize frequently in their builds. The top 3 uses for Hoppers are:

Automating Chests

Placing a Hopper on top of a chest allows you to drop items into the top & pull them into the chest underneath.

You can do this manually or setup other automations that drop items on top of the Hopper setup. This is great for farming operations.

minecraft chest hopper

Chests can also be placed on top of Hoppers which sucks items from the chest & places it wherever the Hopper output is connected to.

Tip: You must crouch / sneak when you place a Hopper on a chest to make the connection. If you don’t you will just open the chest.

Automating Furnaces

Just like with chests, you can connect Hoppers to furnaces. The Hopper will suck the materials & fuels from the chest above it & drop them into the furnace.

You can create a large scale automated forge using multiple Hoppers & furnaces to mass smelt & produce items.

minecraft hopper forge

Something of this scale is super hard to complete while playing in survival. However if you just like to build for fun in creative, it’s a cool machine to test out.

Automating Composters

As with many other Minecraft blocks the Hopper automates the composting process. This is super useful for players who want to build a large scale farming operation.

This type of automated farm is great for producing bonemeal in large quantities using the composter.

Building the automated composter is a lot easier than the automated smelter. It only takes a few blocks, see the example image below.

minecraft automated composter

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about what hoppers do & are used for in Minecraft. There are many other uses for Hoppers that we did not cover in this guide.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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