What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

what do horses eat in minecraft

Minecraft horses are passive mobs that can be tamed and once tamed, they can be ridden as a mount for increased movement speed.

Horses are simple to feed and will eat golden carrots or golden apples.

Where to Find Horses in Minecraft?

Horses will spawn in herds of 2-6 in savannah and plains.

They can come in 6 colors: white, chestnut, flaxen chestnut, brown, black, gray, and dark brown.

Horses have the option to spawn with markings as well these include: no markings, white stockings, white field, white spots, and black dots.

minecraft horses colors combinations
All horse color and marking combinations

Taming and Breeding Horses

In order to tame a horse all you have to do is repeatedly ride a horse until hearts appear above the horse.

All you need to breed horses are golden apples or golden carrots.

Donkeys can also be bred with horses. The result will be a mule which does not occur naturally in the world. Doing this will result in the Artificial Selection achievement.

Horses can be feed: sugar, wheat, apples, golden carrots, golden apples, and hay bales.

Sugar restores half a heart, wheat restores 1 heart, apples restore one and a half hearts, golden carrots restores 2 hearts, golden apples restore 5 hearts, and hay bales restore 10 hearts.

Utility / Usage for Horses

Horses can be equipped with horse armor and a saddle.

There are 4 variants of horse armor: leather, iron, gold, and diamond.

Leather armor provides 3 armor, iron armor provides 5 armor, gold armor provides 7 armor, diamond armor provides 11 armor.

Horse armor does not have durability and can be used indefinitely.

Only leather horse armor can be crafted and dyed. The other horse armors or found on your adventures.

minecraft horse in leather armor
A brown horse in leather armor

With horse armor, horses are one of the more sturdy modes of transportation while also being one of the fastest as well.

Horses can also jump with some horses capable of jumping to a maximum 5 blocks high.

We hope this guide helps you learn the basics of horses in Minecraft so you can get your own trusty steed to adventure on!

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