What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?

what do sheep eat in minecraft

Sheep eat & can be bred with Wheat. Sheep within six blocks of you will follow you around if you hold the Wheat out in your hand.

Feeding Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep are one of the simpler, quieter mobs in Minecraft. They are passive & do not attack players or other aggressive mobs back when engaged.

Sheep eat wheat as a food source & are attracted to players who hold wheat out in front of them.

You can basically lead a Sheep wherever you want by tempting it with Wheat in your hand. This makes it easy for them to manage & farm for wool.

Breeding Sheep

Wheat is also used to breed two sheep together & spawn a baby lamb. You must find two Sheep in the wild & use a piece of Wheat on each one of them.

You will know if this works when you see the hearts / love animation above each of the two Sheep you are trying to breed.

The color of the baby lamb’s wool will be a mixture of the parent’s colors if they are compatible.

If the parent’s colors aren’t compatible, the lamb will be the same color as one of the parents. The game chooses the color at random.

You can accelerate the lamb’s growth by feeding it more Wheat. Each piece of Wheat that you feed the lamb will decrease its full growth time by 10%.

Finding & Growing Wheat

Wheat is pretty easy to find & grow. If you don’t know how to grow Wheat yet we’ll show you exactly how to do it below.

  • First you need to find & break some grass. Grass grows on top of grass blocks.
  • Each piece of grass that is broken has a chance to drop seeds. Break enough grass until you have as many seeds as you need.
  • Find some land near water, or dig a watering hole yourself.
  • Next use a Hoe to till some dirt blocks near the water & make them fertile. The grass will disappear & the dirt will turn darker in color.
  • Plant your Wheat seeds in the tilled dirt & wait for them to grow.
  • Finally break the fully grown Wheat to collect it in your inventory.
minecraft growing wheat

You don’t need water to grow Wheat, but it speeds up the process & reduces the time it takes for it to grow.

You can also plant Wheat near a river or ocean for an infinite supply of water that will keep your seeds watered.

A single 1×1 block of water is capable of watering a 9×9 square of planted Wheat seeds.

minecraft wheat field
1×1 block of water supports a 9×9 Wheat field

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about what Sheep eat in Minecraft. If you found this short guide helpful, please feel free to drop a comment below!

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