What does ads mean in gaming?

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What exactly are ads?

No, I’m not talking about the annoying gurus that try to sell you pyramid schemes every time you watch a YouTube video.

Honestly I thought “ads” was a common phrase people used while playing various games, but obviously that’s not the case since you’re here reading this …

Additional Enemies

There are currently 2 standard definitions for “ads” in the gaming world. According to u/FunkTheWorld on the Bungie.net forums the term has been around since at least 1999, coined during raids on the MMORPG Everquest.

Of course theres always the possibility of an earlier use, but this is the most accepted and circulated understanding of “ads” or “adds”.

If you’ve been gaming since Destiny 1, you may also be familiar with people calling the extra, easy spawns during a raid as ads.

This is where I personally adopted the term, and I’ve used it in other games since then.

Aim Down Sights

Another widely accepted understanding of the term as the acronym ADS, simply means Aim Down Sight. Primarily used when playing first person shooters, it’s just referring to any action or event in the game related to aiming down your sights.

Hopefully this short breakdown of the oh so mystical gamer term “ads” has cleared up any question you may have had.

Now you’re in the know and can throw around some new terms with your buds.

Thanks for reading.

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