What Does PS Owner Mean in Blade Ball?

Have you been playing Blade Ball and wondering what the term PS Owner means or why some users have this next to their name in chat?

PS Owner means “private server owner” and shows next to the name of the person who owns the private server you are playing on.

Only the private server owner (the person who owns it) will have this title over their name when in private games.

The PS Owner controls the private server and can adjust the settings and kick players whenever they want.

The chat tag/title can’t be transferred to other players, so you will have to start and run a private server yourself in order to get it.

The title was originally named OP, which stood for Operator, but it was removed and replaced with PS owner to make more sense of what it was for.

To purchase a private server for Blade Ball, head over to the game on the Roblox app and click “servers.” The servers for Blade Ball are free, so give it a name & hit create to start one up.

Do Blade Ball Private Servers Have Admin Commands?

Unfortunately, in general, PS Owners and private servers do not give the players access to admin commands, cheats, hacks, etc.

Some players think that PS owner is some admin title that comes with commands, but it doesn’t. Only game admins and developers have access to these tools.

I hope this guide cleared up the confusion around PS owners and what they are / what comes with the title.

Happy Blading!