If you’re an avid Blade Ball player, then you’ve probably noticed a new item called an “Update Gift” that you have been able to purchase from the witch/update shop.

The developers didn’t release any news or explain what the Update Gift does or what users are rewarded with if they purchase and open it, which they tend to do with most of their new content.

What does the Update Gift do in Blade Ball?

The Update Gift rewards random loot to the player, which can be free spins, free coins & even free limited sword skins that players can equip to change the appearance of their weapon.

Upon purchasing the gift, the item is instantly redeemed to your inventory. As of the date this guide was written, no UI interface or indicator lets you know what you received from the gift.

How do you get an Update Gift?

The Update Gift was introduced during the Halloween 2023 update and could have been purchased from the Witch’s shop for 150 Pumpkins. It was not always in stock and would cycle throughout the event.

It has since been removed from the game along with the Halloween update.

Likely, other major updates will also introduce more gifts to reward players with more random loot and possible update-specific items.