If you’ve been enjoying Blade Ball like I have but wondering what the VIP Gamepass gives you and if it’s worth the 399 Robux, you’ve come to the right place. I purchased it to tell you precisely what you get when buying it.

For some reason, the developers don’t provide a list or description of what the VIP Gamepass gives you, which is unhelpful, and probably makes them less sales!

What does the VIP Gamepass give you in Blade Ball?

The VIP Gamepass costs 399 Robux and will reward the player with:

  • An Exclusive “White Hole” kill finisher
  • Customizable sword slash color (click the VIP menu to edit the color wheel)
  • A one-time deposit of 2,000 coins
  • VIP chat tag that shows when you send messages

So 399 Robux is a pretty good deal, especially for the customizable sword slash color, as it makes you stand out from other players.

As far as I know, the custom slash colors will work on any sword you have equipped, enhancing limited/unique swords even further.

The Whitehole kill effect is OK, but there are better finisher effects available than this one, in my opinion.

Also, 2,000 coins are not that much, but it’s enough to get a lower-tier ability for free or even a higher upgrade on an S-tier ability.

Overall, it’s not bad if you have the Robux to spend and think the items you receive are worth it.