Backseat Gaming – Are You a Backseat Gamer?

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We all know a backseat gamer

What is backseat gaming? Well, have you ever driven while your grandma / bros / girlfriend scream in your ear every 3 minutes about how fast you’re driving, where you should turn, what song to play, etc?

That’s called backseat driving.

Backseat gaming is literally the same thing, but without grandma screaming for dear life as she clings to the roof handles.

Or when your bros are screaming MLG callouts 3 inches from your ear while you’re trying to clutch a 1v5 in Siege.

How about when your little brother wont leave you alone until you try the Vbucks hack he saw on YouTube this morning?

Yes, it comes in many forms.

“Alright , so you see that cave right over there?” “Thats a secret exit.” “Quick, jump!”“Bryan, do you think i care?” “Please let me focus on the game.”

These type of people are literally the worst. I remember when I was younger and we’d be like 5 people deep on an xbox playing Halo 3.

Theres only 4 controllers, so someone was always trying to slide in on the gameplay when they were out of the rotation.

You remember the “Fat Kid” custom game from Halo 3‘s forge mode? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t … that was many moons ago.

Anyway, it was literally the worst being last alive against the “Fat Kid” and the rest of the Sanic fast zombies.

You’d be trying to keep your cool and wait out the round timer while your friends would be screaming more directions than a cardinal rose.

Usually you’d end up dead because the chaos going on around you made it impossible to hear the 20 zombies who cheesed the map and stood quietly behind you until you turned around and noticed them.

Ah, good times.

Are you a backseat gamer?

It’s very possible that you yourself are a backseat gamer. No shame, we’ve all been there, just seriously don’t do it again lol.

I was definitely guilty of trying to takeover the game in my younger days, I just couldn’t help it.

Watching your mans get fried when you know for a fact that you would put in work KILLS you.

Honestly, I have to say, even today I’m still tempted to yeet the controller from my boys when they just can’t handle their own.

Picture this: You’re at your boys house and he’s playing 2k like a scrub, it’s impossible to keep your mouth closed.

Mans really just let Lebron put his balls in his mouth like that?? Pass me that controller foo, I’m driving now.

Sometimes we just can’t help it.

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