Mystery Merchant: What Time Does He Spawn in Pet Sim X?

what time does mystery merchant spawn pet sim x

If you’ve been playing Pet Simulator X the Halloween update in October then you are probably familiar with the Mystery Merchant. This merchant is OP & lets you buy rare pets from him for super cheap. In this guide we’ll show you where to find the Mystery Merchant & what time of day he appears!

What Time Does the Mystery Merchant Spawn?

Since he only shows up for a total of 20 minutes per day you will have to time your day correctly to meet up with him. He spawns at different times based on your country’s timezone, so make sure you convert these times into your own local time.

Refer to this chart below to get an idea of when he spawns in your country.

Time ZoneStandard TimeDaylight TimeDescription
CST11:00 am/pm12:00 am /pmCentral USA
UTC/GMT5:00 am/pm6:00 am/pmUniversal/Greenwich
UTC/GMT+81:00 am/pm2:00 am/pmMost Populated Region

*Note: He now appears one hour later in some countries because of daylight savings time!

What Does the Mystery Merchant Do?

pet sim x mystery merchant spawn time

Similar to the Traveling Merchant, the Mystery Merchant is a special shop with limited stock & cheap prices. You can only buy a few pets from him at a time.

The bonus is that every item in his shop is 80% cheaper than items in the regular Traveling Merchants shop.

Where is the Mystery Merchant Located?

The Mystery Merchant can be found in two different places throughout Pet Sim X. The first location is in the cave biome & the second location is at the trading plaza.

This merchant only spawns 2 times per day & only for 10 minutes at a time. This means that you have to be online & ready to find him quickly or you’ll run out of time to buy from his shop.

Wrapping Up

The Mystery Merchant is definitely mysterious & can be hard to find if you don’t time it just right! We hope you found this guide helpful & use it to build your team even stronger.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about finding the MM in your own game!

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