Where Is the Black Merchant in Demonfall?

black merchant demonfall

Based on the critically acclaimed anime, Demon Slayer, the Roblox game ‘Demonfall’ strives to bring the world to life. To get hold of some rarer items, you may want to consult the Black Merchant – a shady figure you can find tucked away within various villages.

Where Is the Black Merchant in Demonfall?

The Black Merchant is a shady figure in Demonfall who can be found tucked away within various villages. You can find him in the villages of Hayakawa & Okuyia.

Hayakawa Location

Once you’ve arrived in Hayakawa, head straight up the road in which you dismounted the carriage.

Then, take a right and jump over the walls & houses until you end up in the center of the map. There will be a giant pillar at one end of the open courtyard.

This is one of two locations where you can find the Black Merchant waiting for you.

black merchant demonfall

He can also spawn next to the large tree in the courtyard right behind the giant pillar. His spawn location is always random.

black merchant demonfall

Okuyia Location

To find him in Okuyia, head to the tavern located within the city. You can find him hanging around outside in the front of the bar.

black merchant demonfall

Because he spawns randomly you may also find him in another spawn spot. Look around the village for this building. He will be leaning against the side of the building.

If you don’t find him in either of these spots, wander around the village until you find him. He will always be there somewhere.

black merchant demonfall

The Black Merchant’s Inventory

To get hold of some rarer items, you may want to consult the Black Merchant – a shady figure you can find tucked away within various villages.

The merchant presents two offers when speaking with him – weapon parts for 2000 yen or an Unknown Item for 3000 yen.

demonfall roblox black merchant

The Unknown Item option has a chance of giving you one of the following:

  • Sawed-Off, which is also available from Jako in the Corps Base.
  • A Breath Reset Potion
  • Muzan Blood, which can be used to reset your Demon Art. 
  • Wipe Potion: This item will grant you 3 family spins at the cost of resetting all your progress. 

The items may be expensive, but their cost seems more than warranted. 

Locating the Black Merchant may sound like a difficult feat, but it can be rather simple – as of right now, he spawns in two different locations.

These locations are the villages of Hayakawa and Okuyia. If need be, you can always use Garry’s carriage as a means of quickly travelling to them, costing 100 yen per journey.

Note: You can only access fast travel to Okuyia via the carriage at Hayakawa.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has helped you find the Black Merchant and hopefully helped you get the loot you were looking for!

How’re you finding Demonfall? Which family did you roll? What’ve you gotten from the Black Merchant? Let us know in the comment section below!

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