If you’re a fan & lover of Pet Simulator X, you need to get your hands on some of the limited-time toys & merch that came out this year!

From stuffed plushy pets to secret eggs containing exclusive & limited pets, there’s a piece of Pet Sim X merch for you.

We’ll show you where you can shop & purchase all Pet Simulator X toys!

Pet Simulator X Toys at Target

pet simulator x toys target.com
The Pet Simulator X toy line launched online at Target on May 20th, 2022, when pre-orders began, but the toys did not deliver until at least a month later.

The Target toy drop was only available online & wasn’t able to be purchased in person at a physical store, which made it harder for some players to get their hands on one.

The drop was also only for US customers as Target is primarily an American company & they don’t ship orders internationally.

As of August 3rd, 2022, none of the Pet Simulator X toys are available on Target’s website. After initial sales & deliveries, they seem to have pulled the availability leaving many players upset.

You can check for yourself with this link.

If you were late to the drop or just coming up on money to afford some toys, then, unfortunately, you will have to look elsewhere to purchase them.

Pet Simulator X Toys at EpicDrops.com

pet simulator x toys cdl epicdrops.com
Luckily BIG Games planned and dropped the toy line with a few retailers so that players all over the world had a chance to buy them.

As of the writing of this article, all of the Pet Sim X toys & chests are available for purchase through EpicDrops.com.

They also have Huge Dragon & Huge Dog plushies still in stock!

The cheapest toy is the Mystery Pet Minifigures (1-pack) for $7.49. This toy comes with one egg that contains one mystery pet.

The most expensive bundles will run you between $40 to $50 & they include a bunch of different toys.

Epic Drops is US based retail & manufacturing company founded by CEO Jason Kraus in 2015.

The company specializes in manufacturing video game-based merchandise & more recently, they have focused on Roblox merch (including PSX).

Visit this link or click the image above to visit the Epic Drops store!

Pet Simulator X Toys at Smyth’s Toys UK

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If you’re in the United Kingdom (UK), you can also get your hands on some Pet Sim X toys by visiting your local Smyth’s Toy shop!

Smyth’s Toys is a chain of retail stores in Europe, including the UK. You can purchase the toys online or pick them up in person.

You can purchase the same bundles that Target & Epic Drops carry and two additional bundles that are exclusive to Smyth’s toys.

Visit this link or click the image above to view the stock at Smyth’s.

The stock at the physical stores may vary, so call ahead to check before heading over!

Activating Your Pet Sim X Toy DLC Codes

Don’t forget that all of the PSX toy bundles come with DLC codes that you can redeem in-game for Exclusive pets & even a chance to hatch a super-rare pet.

Find your code, load up PSX & scroll down to “Redeem Merch” on the main shop menu. Enter your code & your items should pop into your inventory!

If you need help redeeming your codes, follow the official guide by BIG Games on their website.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been dying to pick up some of the PSX toy bundles, it’s still not too late!

Your best bet is to try one of the retailers above while stock lasts.