Some of the oddest famous figures in Roblox are the characters from Rainbow Friends by Fragment Games.

Rainbow Friends may be a horror survival game, but the characters are the cutest and goofiest monsters; you may not even mind dying to them.

The Rainbow Friends characters are so lovable that different merchandise, such as plushies, t-shirts, and stickers, float around online for trading and selling.

You may have known them before you read this article or just now. Regardless, you must be interested in where you can find this merchandise.

Where to Buy Rainbow Friends Plushies & Merch Online Roblox

So, where can you buy Rainbow Friends Plushies and Merch online?

Look no further. Here are some places online where we can find Rainbow Friends merchandise.


rainbow friends roblox merch aliexpress

Our first location where we can find Rainbow Friends merchandise is in AliExpress.

AliExpress is a Chinese company similar to Amazon, where manufacturers can list their products for sale. Keep in mind these items are knock-offs from overseas & the quality may vary.

Most items will need to be purchased in bulk, but You can buy some individually for pretty low prices based on the seller.

You can find lots of Rainbow Friends plushies, toys, keychains, pendants, and many more on AliExpress.

Search using the keywords Rainbow Friends or click here to check out the products sold on this website.

Rainbow Friends merchandise can go as low as $1.50 to $11.75, depending on your chosen product.

Most of these are on sale as of September 2022, so pick up one of these products before the discount ends.


rainbow friends roblox merch etsy

Etsy is another reliable website to buy your Rainbow Friends merchandise. This website is among the best choices for finding your beloved, huggable monsters.

Etsy is a marketplace based in the USA where most items are homemade by individual people & small companies. Etsy is a niche marketplace where you can usually find custom & niche products for every need.

If you search for Rainbow Friends Roblox, you will see a list of Rainbow Friends merchandise such as t-shirts, crochet dolls, backpacks, costumes, and much more.

Compared to AliExpress, the prices here have a much more comprehensive range from $2 to $26. Additionally, there seem to be more products here as well.


rainbow friends roblox merch ebay

The first website that may come to mind when online shopping is eBay, which is for good reasons.

eBay has established itself as an excellent online shopping and trading place for all kinds of merchandise, like the Roblox Rainbow Friends plushies and toys you find.

eBay has an equal mix of individual sellers & companies alike. So the merch you find here may be handmade by someone from their home or even sourced from a website like AliExpress.

A quick search should provide mixed results priced between $2 to $57.

Most Rainbow Friends merchandise here are plushies and dolls, which may be limited to your liking.


rainbow friends roblox merch redbubble

Aside from the ones already mentioned above, Redbubble is also an excellent website for your online shopping needs.

There are many Rainbow Friends Roblox merchandise here, like t-shirts, notebooks, plushies, stickers, mugs & almost any type of textile you can imagine.

All of the art & designs are Redbubble are uploaded by individual sellers as anybody can sign up & begin offering products.

The items are produced & shipped by Redbubble, but all of the designs you find here aren’t made by the company. Purchasing here supports small artists & designers with each sale.

Just like the others, all you need to do is have a quick search, and you should find what you want.

Surprisingly, products here are more expensive, mostly around $24, but there are still a few inexpensive choices like stickers here when your budget is tight.

Tips on Buying Rainbow Friends Merch Online

Fragment Games has no official merchandise for Rainbow Friends.

So keep this in mind when buying online, as these are community-made products dedicated to your beloved game. Some will be quality made, and some will not be.

As a precaution, it is best to find ratings and personal reviews on each seller or product you are interested in buying.

That said, do not entirely stop yourself from buying Rainbow Friends merch and show your love for the game.