MiniToon, Optikk, IK3As, and TenuousFlea are the creators of one of Robloxs’ most popular titles, PIGGY.

Due to its success, Piggy has dropped various toys and merchandise online & in physical stores for eager fans to buy up in droves.

Not sure where to find these cute yet murderous toys?

In this article, we’ll cover a few locations that sell Piggy toys and merchandise. Both in-store & online.

Official Piggy Store

official roblox piggy merch store

Our first location where we can get all available Piggy toys and merchandise is their official webstore.

The Official Piggy Store offers toys and merchandise from gift cards, plushies, backpacks, fannypacks, buildable toys, mini figurines, caps, beanies, slippers, shirts, and hoodies. That is a lot.

Some featured products are the Frostiggy Ultimate Bundle and Robby Ultimate Bundle.

You should write Delivery details such as shipping and billing fees in English to ensure that shipping carriers understand the information.

International customs of your country may require the shipment to go through different processes and taxation.

If the Official Piggy Store prices are too high, there are more online websites to shop.


roblox piggy merch at walmart

Walmart is a prominent American corporation that handles multiple retail stores all around the globe. They also have an online store where people can find various products not found in their local areas.

Roblox Piggy toys and merchandise can also be found here, with prices ranging from 9 USD to 25 USD, depending on the product.

Available Roblox Piggy toys and merchandise on Walmart are action figures, mini figurines, plushies, buildable toys, and apparel.

International shipping is also available and will require the same process as the Official Piggy Store.

International customs may also delay the shipping, but your product is safe and secure with Walmart.

Smyths Toys Superstores

roblox piggy merch at smyths toys

Smyths Toys Superstores is another store where you can find Roblox Piggy toys and merch on the web.

However, Smyths Toys Superstores only ships and delivers items to the United Kingdom and select countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with limited delivery and product options.

Go to their webstore or click here to go directly to their Piggy products in the UK.

The Roblox Piggy toy collections, head bundles, action figures, mini figurines, and plushies range from 3 EUR to 29.99 EUR.

There might be some Roblox Piggy toys and merch in your local areas in London, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Otherwise, go ahead and order online.


roblox piggy merch on amazon

Our last recommendation is Amazon’s online store, where you can find different Roblox Piggy toys and merch available for delivery almost anywhere in the world.

Type in the search bar “PIGGY,” and your results should pop up Roblox Piggy products.

You may need to filter out some piggy banks and what-not, but the items you find should be there, from head bundles to plushies, action figures, and many more.

There are more ways and websites to buy and deliver your favorite Roblox Piggy toys and merchandise.

Ensure that the website is reliable or that your seller has positive reviews.

Otherwise, well-established online stores like AliExpress, eBay, and Etsy are still there.

Just be wise and read carefully. We hope this article helps you expand your collection of Piggy products.