Limestone is mainly used for constructing fancier base builds once you can focus your inner engineer later in the game. If you haven’t found any, here’s how to get some.

Where to Farm Limestone in Enshrouded

Limestone is a plentiful resource in Enshrouded that can be found throughout the Nomad Highlands. This resource replaces regular stone as the dominant material in this biome and can be mined with a pickaxe.

Teleport to the Low Meadows fast-travel spire, jump off, and glide northeast towards the large mountain in the distance. The Limestone at this location is so abundant that you’ll be farming it for hours; you can’t miss it.

limestone farming location enshrouded

The color is lighter than regular stone, and it becomes more apparent once you locate a spire/large cliff face made of it.

If you deplete this area, you won’t have to wander far to find more, so keep your eyes open.

As with regular stone, you can carve into it and build your base if you fancy it.

Limestone Crafting Recipes

This material currently has no other use in the game outside of crafting fancier blocks and base pieces.

Here’s what you can craft with it:

  • Secret Basement Door (x100)
  • Fancy Stone Blocks (x10 each)
  • Limestone Blocks (10x each)
  • Refined Stone Blocks (10x each)

I’d assume that at some point in the future, more recipes that require Limestone will be added, giving it more utility than it currently has. However, being that the game is still early access, it’s impossible to say.