Oswals Anders’ lost equipment chest is hidden under a pile of stones at the Carpentry Camp just southwest of the Ancient Spire at Revelwood Fast Travel.

Make your way to the Carpentry Camp and locate a small patch of cobblestones next to the wooden cart near the camp’s tent. Upon reaching the location, you will notice no chest to be found.

Pull out your pickaxe and begin digging around the cobblestone area until you start to reveal a chest under the stone pile. It should only take four to five swings to reveal the chest hidden in the ground.

oswald anders chest location under stone pile enshrouded

Opening the chest will complete the Oswald Anders’ Chest quest and reward you with an item. So far, players have reported receiving the Archer’s Helmet or Ring of Mana as loot from Oswald’s chest.

Archer’s Helmet – The Archer’s Helmet is a common head armor that provides 18 Physical & Magic Resistance with +13% Backstabbing Damage.

Ring of Mana – The Ring of Mana is a common ring that provides +10 Mana and +2 Mana Regeneration, suitable for magic builds.

That’s all you need to complete the quest and get free loot. If you were stuck at this part, all you need to do is dig below the stones near the cart, and you’re set!