Yucca Fruits are a late-game ingredient in Enshrouded that can be obtained by cutting down Palm Wood trees in the Kindlewastes (Desert biome). You can identify these trees by their large brown trunks and leaves resembling a Palm Tree’s fronds.

The Palm Wood trees are easy to cut down and can be found scattered around the desert in small clusters.

palm wood trees in enshrouded location

Yucca Fruit Uses in Enshrouded

Their primary use is for the level 6 Altar Flame upgrade, which requires 40 of them, amongst other resources, to complete it.

Yucca Fruits provide a +2 Health Regeneration and +1 Stamina Recharge for 25 minutes when consumed without cooking or combined with other ingredients.

They essentially replace water as a stamina source while traversing the desert as they provide the same stats, but Yucca Fruits last for 25 minutes compared to water’s 15.

When prepared on a fire or combined with other ingredients, the stats that they provide change:

  • Grilled Yucca Fruit: Provides +20 Stamina Recharge for 7 minutes.
  • Fruit Bowl: +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge.

Remember that to prepare the dishes above, you must have access to the Farmer NPC with a fireplace.

If you figured that growing some of these fruits might be easier,  Yucca Fruits are not among the many various seedlings you can plant and curate yourself from the Farmer, so you’ll have to hunt them down yourself.