Remnant 2 has many keys and items you may not know to be a part of an Easter Egg or even a quest. One of the said keys is the Kolket’s Key, which you can find by inspecting the tip of the Kolket’s Razor. But what do you do after finding Kolket’s Key, and where do you even use it? In this article, we’ll discuss where you can use Kolket’s Key/Razor in Remnant 2.

Where Do You Use The Kolket’s Key/Razor?

Finding a use for the Kolket’s Key is actually simple since you can utilize it in the same area where you found the Kolket’s Razor, Yaesha – The Lament.

If you don’t know how to find Kolket’s Razor, you must solve the Consort’s Puzzle first, and you’re good to go. Moving forward, to use Kolket’s Key, you must go down as deep as possible into The Lament region, where you’ll find a perilous platforming puzzle.

Once you’re in front of the floating platforms, follow these steps:

  1. Run and jump onto the middle platform on the first row.
  2. From the first, middle platform, you’ll see three middle platforms in front of you.
  3. Take a step back and do a running jump onto the second middle platform’s right-hand side, bypassing the one directly in front of you. We specifically mentioned the right-hand side of the platform because you should target rolling onto the third middle platform.
  4. Next, you should jump onto the left platform.
  5. Then, you want to roll onto the platform directly in front of you.
  6. Step back a bit and jump all the way to the ledge onto the other side.

Here’s a rough illustration of the platform puzzle. Note that this is only a rough representation, and it doesn’t take into account the height of the platforms.


What Can You Get For Using The Kolket’s Key/Razor?

Upon getting to the end of the Floating Platform Trap, a treasure chest will greet you filled with goodies and scraps for your trouble. However, if you have the Kolket’s Key, you’ll be able to open the locked door.

Upon entering the door, you’ll see a boat hanging on the ceiling. Turn around while facing the boat, and you’ll find the door arch you just went through. On the right-hand side of the door arch, run into the wall, which will send you to a flight of stairs.

That is a secret wall, which will magically allow you to phase through to access the stairs. Go up the stairs and jump into the hole, and you’ll find yourself on top of the “Lament Boat” along with a somewhat hit-or-miss Head Armor. The Head Armor is the Lodestone Crown, and here are its stats:

  • +5 Armor
  • +3 Weight
  • +5 Blight Resistance
  • -2 Bleeding Resistance
  • -2 Shock Resistance

While the Lodestone Crown isn’t game-changing by any means, it still poses as a good light armor, especially if you’re duking it out against a boss that has Blight-based attacks, like the final boss, Annihilation.