Secret Keys were added to Pet Sim 99 with update 5. Not much information was given about them other than that they can unlock hidden rooms around the entire map.

Not sure where to use your Secret Key and wondering what rewards you get from unlocking a secret room? We’ll show you exactly what you need to do below!

Where to Use Secret Keys in Pet Sim 99

Secret keys can unlock the big padlocks that block various doors in multiple worlds in Pet Sim 99. Currently, there are a total of three different locked doors that can be opened using Secret Keys.

You can find the locks in each one of these worlds:

  • World #15 – Use the key on the lock covering the door on the giant purple tree
  • World #33 – Use the key on the door to the old Western General Store entrance
  • World #58 – Use the key on the massive set of doors on the purple fairy castle at the top of the walkway

What Loot Do You Get From Secret Keys?

Similar to Crystal Keys, entering any locked doors will give you the chance to choose a chest or spin a wheel for a random reward at loot.

The loot can be items of all rarities and includes superior and mythical items; however, the drop rate is very low for the more valuable loot. Getting nothing and being given a plain old boot as a troll reward is also possible.

secret key loot drop rewards pet sim 99

A luck boost will not work when using these keys, but activating a drops boost might help you increase your chances of getting better rewards from these key events.

Overall, if you don’t like to test your luck, you are probably better off selling your key to another player and guaranteeing that you at least earn something from it.