Remnant 2 has a diverse array of items, and one of them is the Rusty Medal. As its name suggests, it’s an old and worn-out medal, but it holds some significance. Here’s the lowdown on the Rusty Medal and its usage.

What is the Rusty Medal?

The Rusty Medal is a Crafting Material in Remnant 2. Once representing bravery and sacrifice, it’s now just an ancient symbol whose origins are forgotten. The main use for this medal is to craft the Sniper War Medal Engram. This engram is the key to unlocking the Hunter Archetype in the game.

How to Get and Use the Rusty Medal

creating the sniper war medal from the rusty medal at wallaces shop in remnant 2

You can score a Rusty Medal from Brabus at Ward 13. It’ll set you back 1500 scrap. Once you have it, locate Wallace in the same Ward and hand it over, along with 1,000 Scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals, to craft the Sniper War Medal Engram.

After crafting, simply equip the Medal in your engrams/archetypes slot, and it will show “Hunter Archetype.”

The Hunter Archetype

From what I’ve gathered, the Hunter Archetype is a remnant (pun intended) from Remnant: From the Ashes. This archetype excels at long-range attacks, with enhanced weak spot damage.

Perfect for multiplayer if you want to deal damage from afar, but not so great for solo play. Enemies up close can be problematic.

Building the Perfect Hunter

The combined power of the Hunter and Gunslinger Archetypes is insane. The drawback? You’re vulnerable. But with the right build, especially with lifesteal and enhanced dodge distance, you’ll balance it out.

Rings & Relics: Boost your ranged damage with rings. If you’re using guns like the Widowmaker or Coach Gun, the Outcast Ring shines, especially during Bullet Storm cooldowns. Max out the Siphoner trait and combine it with the Full Moon Circlet, Siphon Heart, and Sanguine Vapor. This gives you crazy lifesteal, perfect with the aforementioned guns. Amp up the Glutton trait for faster relic use.

Skills & Archetypes: Pair the Bullet Storm skill of the Gunslinger with either the Hunter’s Focus or Hunter’s Shroud. Using the Dead To Rights perk with the Hunter as your primary archetype further boosts your skills, giving you extended active skill durations.

If you can dodge well and maintain your HP through lifesteal, this setup will serve you well, both in solo and multiplayer.

So, there you have it. A quick guide on the Rusty Medal and building a powerful Hunter in Remnant 2. Have fun experimenting!