Why is Pet Sim X Down or Locked Right Now?

pet sim x down or locked roblox

With an active count of 262,161 players, Pet Simulator X is one of the largest and most popular simulator games on Roblox right now. But, some recent events such as not being able to access the game or see it on the store have caused a stir among long time players. 

This anomaly resurfaced very recently as well, leading to speculation over whether an elaborate, digital April Fool’s event was coming. If you’re wondering whether Pet Simulator X is available on Roblox right now, or what to do when it isn’t, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Is Pet Sim X Down Right Now? 

As of the writing of this guide, Pet Simulator X is online for all Roblox users and the game, platform and website are all available to players.

What Was the Latest Hack?

Recently, a video released on YouTube by regular Roblox content creator NightFoxx discussed a hack that might have happened on the platform, specifically targeting Pet Sim X. 

Why is Pet Sim X Down?

The game was down for three counts in the past week due to an unresolved issue, and the game showed up as a ‘private experience’ essentially meaning that access was not available to players.

An Emergency Bug or Hack Was Detected

According to a Discord message by a senior moderator on the Pet Sim X server, the game was plagued with a script that would ‘steal’ all the pets that the player had equipped.

The fix that the moderator, known as Cynx, offered was to only equip good pets on private servers instead of public ones. They further stated that players’ Banks, a feature that allowed storing pets and other in-game items, were under threat of theft or misuse, and suggested filling Banks with people that players trust. 

Other Reasons Why Pet Sim X Might Be Down

The Game Might Be Updating

Games that are partly or fully online often require maintenance or an update. If you can’t access your pets right now, the game might be undergoing maintenance and the website might be down for the same reason as well. 

You can search Pet Simulator X on Twitter for more news on technical downtimes.

The Entire Roblox Platform is Down 

Roblox has mentioned on their help and support pages that if an experience or service is not currently available, it is because of standard maintenance downtimes.

In this case, you can check Roblox’s Twitter or website notifications for further news.

Wrapping Up

Although a widespread theft bug is a cause of concern, there are workarounds until a more permanent fix occurs. 

And if the platform is undergoing scheduled maintenance, there isn’t any reason to worry and you can jump right back into your favorite Pet Sim X server soon!

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