Will Minecraft 1.17 Affect Existing Worlds?

will minecraft 1.17 affect existing worlds

The Minecraft 1.17 Caves ; Cliffs update is just around the corner and, as with many Minecraft updates, this one is going to have an impact on your existing world.

Although, perhaps not to the extent that you may think.

Changes to Existing Worlds in Minecraft 1.17

As the name of the update suggests, Minecraft 1.17 will start to improve what you find underground, including the addition of new resources. Cave generation will be a little bit better.

You will also likely notice that mountains look a bit richer in appearance. Their height can vary drastically, and some will be able to generate up to Y = 256.

Existing worlds will be able to benefit from these features.

However, these features will only generate in chunks that have yet to be generated.

Any chunks that have been generated already will be stuck with the same features as the update you had installed when you first explored that chunk.

The new world generation won’t start to kick in until you start to explore a little bit further afield. However, the new world generation can be somewhat jarring.

This is because it works in a slightly different way than the previous world generation, and thus you may experience chunk errors.

What are Chunk Errors?

Chunk errors occur when you have chunks under the old world generation rules next to chunks with the new world generation rules. This means that you may suddenly find biomes that change in an unnatural way.

In this update, you may find that a huge mountain can appear out of nowhere with seemingly no warning. You may find that previously mined areas will look a little bit different if you are entering new territory.

None of this is going to be game-breaking. This update has been tested extensively already. It just may not be great for those that really care about the look of their current world. 

Experiencing the New Features of Minecraft 1.17 on Current Worlds

The best way to experience the new Minecraft 1.17 update is to create a new world once the update launches.

The new world will follow the 1.17 rules for world generation. This means that you will be greeted with those beautiful mountains, and new underground biomes right away.

If you do not want to create a new world, then you will need to head out further into the world than you have ever been before in order to generate new chunks that follow the new world generation rules.

For some, this may be a rather long way.

What is Chunk Pruning?

If you have the Java Edition of Minecraft and enjoy modding, then you can also look into the idea of chunk pruning.

This can allow you to reset chunks in your current world. Once the chunks have been reset, you can explore them again.

Although, do make sure that you are careful with chunk pruning. You could end up resetting developed areas if you aren’t careful. 

Other than this, there isn’t any special preparation that you need to do. The Minecraft 1.17 update will work with your current Minecraft world.

It is not going to have any impact on your current Minecraft building activity or your inventory.

We hope you found this information helpful. Please drop a comment below if you have any other questions or concerns!

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